Get the most out of your CUSHION COVERS!


Hoping everyone had a relaxing and safe Memorial Weekend! We thank all the customers who came in this weekend and would like to welcome you to the ML Family 🙂

To our old and new customers, we have put together some tips and tricks to help you care for your cushions, as well as get the most use out of them and extend their longevity. Our quality is great and the base of your furniture will always be in tip top shape, but due to SoFlo’s hot weather and beaming sun, mixed with the continuous rainy days, the cushion covers may fade (due to sun) or accumulate mold (due to rain). So we’re here to help you. ML always got you covered!♥


  1. When you first purchase your set with your cushion covers, we recommend you using our favorite fabric guard. That is 303 FABRIC GUARD for OUTDOOR (recommended by Sunbrella). What this product does is it repels water and stains, provides exceptional UV protection to maintain colorfastness and keeps fabric soft and breathable. Follow the directions on the bottle for optimal use. (see photo attached)
  2. DUE TO SUN EXPOSURE: When you are not using your outdoor furniture, we recommend storing cushions in a cushion box to save them from the sun. Here at ML we have Cushion Boxes available for sale if they are something you are interested in! Also, if you have any extra rooms or space where you can just set them in when not in use, that can be an option as well!
  3. DUE TO EXCESS RAIN: When there is a rainy day, make sure you stand up your cushions to allow all the moisture to exist through the bottom and not stay stuck in your cushions/cushion covers. In other words, drain the water out of the cushions to avoid mold build up.

If you found our blog post a weeeeee bit too late, we still got you covered (as always).


  • Our best recommendation to our customers with already attacked cushion covers is to soak the covers in OxiClean overnight (picture attached). Then, after the OxiClean has softened the mold, gently scrub and/or rinse it off. LET YOUR COVERS AIR DRY.
  • After your covers have dried completely, use the 303 Fabric Guard as instructed.

303 fabric guard DT_Versatile_stain_Remove_Tub_5LB2

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